Waterfalls and Grottos

Elite Landscaping Specializes in Natural Stone Waterfalls and Grottos for Outdoor Living Spaces

A waterfall feature can enhance your landscape, poolscape or outdoor environment for a lifetime.

Since 2001, Elite landscaping has created custom stone waterfalls, grottos, and even bubbling brooks for homeowners in Omaha, Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska and throughout the entire Midwest.

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Elite Landscaping is a swimming pool contractor in Omaha, NE specializing in outdoor living and design.

We create and install truly unique waterfall and grotto features in landscapes of all kinds. Add wow-factor to your poolside patio, or improve the visual appeal of your outdoor landscape design. Whatever custom water feature you desire, Elite Landscaping can make your outdoor living dreams come true. When it comes to luxurious landscape and water feature ideas, you can trust Elite Landscaping to provide the highest quality design, installation and professional workmanship for every project.

Inside a Grotto!

This 12’ high waterfall and 7’ high grotto was designed to expand a swimming pool landscape. The homeowner’s dream was to provide a wonderful backyard water feature that the whole family would be drawn to, keeping the kids and grand kids close to home.


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The Foundation of an Elite Landscaping Waterfall

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For waterfalls and splash pools, we start by building a foundation of clean rock. For the pump system, we never use flexible pond piping. Our professionals insist on only rigid, pressurized PVC for long-lasting durability, and we pressure test it before installing it in concrete.

Elite Landscaping creates a rebar frame to distinguish height and elevation customized to our client’s preferences. Elite Landscaping then shoots shot-crete to create the base of your waterfall, slide, or grotto feature. The concrete is hand-troweled and sculpted custom to your design. All areas of exposed concrete are colored and textured for a natural look and to not leave any area unfinished. The structural concrete is durable enough to support the placement of large boulders and stones.

Hand-picked boulders are secured in place with concrete, and the Elite Landscaping team custom matches the color of the grout to blend any gaps with the natural look of the stone. The concrete permanently secures the boulders for safety, but also prevents unwanted animals or insects from accessing the gaps. Hand-molded concrete is used to direct the waterflow for a clean, beautiful, and long-lasting water feature.

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Stonework inside the grotto includes a mortared flagstone floor.

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Elite Landscaping Waterfalls are Convenient, Energy Efficient, and Safe

What sets every Elite Landscaping splash pool or waterfall apart is the use of quality components that provide convenience, energy efficiency, and safety.

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