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Elite Landscaping offers custom design and installation of outdoor lighting for landscaping accents, pools and spas, architectural features, and safety.

Spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space with modernized exterior lighting that’s both functional and attractive. Extend the use of your outdoor entertaining space after dark. Add ambiance and safety lighting for your family and friends. Our outdoor lighting designs and installations feature LED lighting solutions for pool lights, path lights, well lights, step lights, downlighting, uplighting, and more.

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If you’re ready to transform your outdoor living space, contact Elite Landscaping. As a one-stop, design-build contractor, we handle all aspects of your outdoor project from design, to wiring and installation, to permits.


Steps, Paths and Outdoor Safety Lighting

Outdoor lighting along walkways, paths and steps offers safety while calling attention to boundaries and landscaping details. Special in-ground lighting fixtures can be installed for added safety, eliminating tripping hazards.

Color-Changing Lights

Color filters and LED color-changing bulbs offer a variety of ways to accent architectural details, draw attention to planters or landscape decor, and stylize your outdoor entertaining areas. Colored outdoor lighting enhances the mood and ambiance by adding extra warmth, cool tones, or dramatic effects to your outdoor setting.

Uplighting and Downlighting

Elite Landscaping designs and installs outdoor lighting for dramatic effects. We can use elemental uplighting or downlighting to define your outdoor living space. It can call attention to a decorative aspect, highlight an architectural detail, create a bold effect on trees, shrubs or stone walls, and set the mood in any unique space.

Swimming Pool Safety Lights and Underwater Lighting

The primary function of swimming pool and spa lights is safety, but in addition, modern underwater lighting adds beautiful accents and colors that enhance the ambiance of your entire outdoor space. Elite Landscaping specializes in safety lighting on pool and spa edges and stairs, and in-pool lighting for nighttime illumination. Underwater LED lighting can also distinguish waterfalls, swim-up bars and other unique in-pool areas. Color-changing bulbs create a dramatic effect around bubblers, jets and other water features.

The Benefits of Modern Outdoor Lighting Technology

Modern, outdoor lighting is energy efficient and highly functional. Outdoor LED lights offer many benefits, including: bright bulbs, color-changing capacity, an extended lifespan at 100,000 hours, and cost-saving, low energy usage. Elite Landscaping installs your energy-efficient lighting with easy programming control, including automatic on/off settings.The latest smart-phone app technology allows you to easily turn lights on and off, change colors and adjust settings right from your phone. The energy-efficient outdoor lighting system is fully programmable for zoning, dimming, and color changing. All in-pool and landscape LED lights can be controlled from the touch of a button on your mobile device via the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC system.

Almost anything is possible in the outdoor environment, so let us help you create your next amazing outdoor project!

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